FRÆ = SEED in Icelandic.

Studio-FRÆ is an international design agency based in both China and Iceland, the studio is founded by Niki Jiao and Yiwei Li, they finished their Master’s degree in Iceland. Based on understanding of culture and art in two different countries, They decided to establish a studio to explore more international culture exchange projects by creative method, such asDesign Consulting, Branding, Product Development, Exhibition, Media and Publications, Art and Design Conference or Residency. The aim of the studio is inheriting, propagating and communicating of culture in different places.




íoi = Iceland On Image.
ÍOI is a photography project in Iceland from the studio. We are trying to invite people to find how amazingly beautiful Iceland is with us by photography this creative way, just because this land give us so many inspirations.

ICELAND ON IMAGE是工作室在冰岛的摄影项目。我们希望用摄影这种创作方式和大家一起发现冰岛与众不同的美,因为这片土地给我们如此多的灵感。